One of the biggest Open Die Forging Units in the country; Biggest in Eastern India, with

  • Most Modern Machining Facility.
  • Comprehensive Heat Treatment Facility.
  • Sophisticated Metallurgical Laboratory & Inspection Facilities.


Potential to serve customers in domestic & international market of high quality forged products ( 200 kg to 35 T singe piece).

Union finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee on Friday reiterated that there was no alternative to industrialization for employment generation. He also asked all the people of the state to come forward and join hands to set up more industries.


“Only dependence on agriculture cannot bring development. No state could develop without setting up more and more new industries. There is no other alternative to industries for employment generation. So everybody should join hands in favour industrialization.” Mr. Mukherjee said while inaugurating a forging plant of the Mackeil Ispat and Forging Ltd. in Durgapur. He recalled that in Bengal, industrialization drive was first initiated during coming back.”


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